Have Blue Eyes? 2 Health Problems You Are More Likely To Face


It may at first sound strange that your eye color can predict health problems you may face in the future, but your eye color is caused by just a few genes. Many health problems can now be predicted by analyzing a person's genes, but you don't need any special tests to find out your eye color. Blue eyes also have less pigment that brown eyes, and that makes sun exposure more damaging to them. Here are two health problems that you should take special care to prevent if you have blue eyes since your eye color makes you more prone to them.  

1. Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is the number-one cause of blindness in humans. It is caused by retinal deterioration and is more common in people over the age of 55 than younger people and more common in females. Even though it may not develop until you are older, your habits now can contribute to developing it later in life.

One factor that you cannot control is that your eye color makes you more prone to this eye disease. The suspected reason for this is not only genetic, but the fact that light eyes don't filter as much of the sun's harmful UV rays as dark eyes do, and those rays can contribute to the retinal deterioration. This means that even though your eye color puts you at risk, wearing UV-blocking sunglasses or prescription glasses may lower your likelihood of developing macular degeneration.

One habit that you can control that doubles your risk of developing this vision problem is smoking, so quitting is the best idea to protect your vision later in life. Keeping your blood pressure at a healthy level and eating a healthy diet can also reduce your chances of this leading cause of blindness.

2. Alcoholism

Researchers recently analyzed a database of just over 1,200 people with a variety of eye colors to find correlations between the eye colors and alcoholism. They found that people with light eye colors were more prone to alcoholism than those with dark eyes, and people with blue eyes were the most likely to suffer from alcoholism. Their theory is the genes that cause people to be born with blue eyes are also linked to areas of the brain that make a person more susceptible to alcohol abuse.

Alcoholism is a complicated disease, and this study does not mean, of course, that all people with blue eyes will become alcoholics. If you do drink on occasion, then it is just a good reminder to keep an eye on your drinking habits and make sure you seek help at the first sign they may be getting out of control.

If you have blue eyes, then take advantage of having an easy look at some of your genes that may play a role in health problems you are more prone to developing. Make sure you visit an eye doctor (such as one from Naples Optical Center Inc) regularly, so he or she can catch any signs of macular degeneration or other vision problems early on when they are much easier to treat.


30 September 2015

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