3 Things To Know About Redness In Your Eyes


If you looked in the mirror and were startled by seeing that one of your eyes was completely red instead of white, you should not panic. When this happens, it is most likely caused by ruptured blood vessels in the eye. In most cases, this condition is completely painless and is not anything to be worried about. Blood vessels in the eyes can rupture for a number of reasons, and this condition is called a subconjunctival hemorrhage. Here are three things you may wonder about this.

What Causes This To Happen?

Any of the blood vessels in your eyes can rupture at any time; however, this is something that usually occurs from some type of pressure. The pressure could be from a big sneeze or cough, or it could occur from trauma to the eye. It could also happen if you rub your eyes too much or too hard, or it could be the result of lifting something that was really heavy. The impact or pressure from any of these things is often enough to cause the blood vessels to break.

What Occurs When This Happens?

If any of the blood vessels in your eyes burst, you will notice that your eye is really red. The redness is blood trapped just under the outermost layer of your eye, which is called the conjunctiva. The blood trapped in this area will eventually work its way out of the eye, but you can expect it to take up to 10 days for the redness to go away. Each day after this happens, you should notice the redness fading little by little.

Should You See A Doctor About This?

If you truly just had a blood vessel rupture in your eye, you should not experience pain, itching, or other problems. If this is the case, you probably do not need to see a doctor. On the other hand, you should go to an eye doctor if your eye itches, hurts, or is bothering you in any way.

If you have these symptoms, you might actually have an infection in your eye. Infections in the eyes can also cause them to turn red, but infections must be treated with antibiotic eye drops, because they usually will not heal on their own.

Your eyes serve an important role for your body. If you have any problems with them and want to have them examined, get in touch with an eye doctor, like the one found at http://allabouteyes.com, today to schedule an appointment. 


15 January 2016

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