4 Signs You Need Cataract Surgery


Your vision is a precious thing. You use it to work, connect with your loved ones, and enjoy many leisure activities. It's important that you pay attention to your eyes and take note of any changes in vision, so you can catch any problems early and receive treatment. Cataracts are a common vision problem that occurs when your eye's lens becomes cloudy, making it more difficult for you to see clearly. People of any age can develop cataracts, but it's more likely to develop in the elderly. Here are four signs that you may need cataract surgery:

1. Blurry vision

Blurred vision is one of the first symptoms of cataracts. If you wear glasses or contacts, you may initially think that your lenses are dirty. If this problem persists after you've cleaned your contacts, it may be a sign that you're developing cataracts.

2. Seeing a glow around lights

This is a symptom connected to blurred vision. When you look at lights, you may see a soft glow around them. This is due to distortion caused by the cloudy film on your cornea. This condition can be very distracting at night.

3. Double vision

Double vision is a sign of a more advanced stage of cataracts. The double vision caused by cataracts is unique, according to Discovery Eye, since it only affects one eye at a time. This is called monocular double vision, and you can check to see if you have it by covering each eye in turn and seeing if your double vision persists. If you're seeing double in one eye, that means you should get your eyes evaluated immediately to prevent further loss of vision.

4. Needing more light

When you have cataracts, you may find that you need more light for everyday activities. You might have a hard time reading without an additional lamp, and you may find that you have difficulty seeing at night. If you have these symptoms, pay a visit to your ophthalmologist since impaired night vision can make driving dangerous. 

If you have symptoms of a cataract, make an appointment with your eye doctor as soon as possible. Cataract surgery is quick and usually painless, and you'll be able to go home directly following your procedure. Most people who undergo this procedure find that their vision is completely restored. Don't let uncertainty and fear keep you from seeking the treatment you need for your cataracts. Contact a clinic, like Olympia Eye Clinic, Inc., P.S., for more help.


21 November 2018

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